Silver Atena is a reliable and flexible partner in the handling of projects. This also applies to the character of co-operation. The co-operation is adapted to the requirements of the customer as well as to the given framework and circumstances so that a maximum of efficiency can be reached with the projects.

Models of co-operation:

  • Taking over the complete development of a system, starting from the requirements specifications to the delivery
  • Silver Atena handles specified work packages as part of the complete development at the customer's site
  • On-site support at the customer's site

Combination of models, e.g. a complete in-house turnkey development carried out by Silver Atena with the support of a resident or on-site integration at the customer's.

Silver Atena takes over the independent processing of customer-specific projects, which entail all tasks, ranging from planning and establishing the specifications via the development and the qualification to the integration and the delivery of the system for serial production.

This means that Silver Atena assumes overall responsibility, and as the main contractor, also manages sub contractors if and where necessary. This also entails a close co-operation with the customer in terms of specifying and implementing the requirements.

Silver Atena does not only manage the complete development of a system but takes over responsibility for individual work packages. The contents of the work package, required interfaces as well as project and time schedules are closely coordinated with the customer in advance. As supplier of part of the system, Silver Atena integrates with the development process of the customer and provides interfaces to processes which are internal to Silver Atena, if required.

If the customer cannot provide specifications for larger work packages or if a scheduled project plan is not possible in advance, Silver Atena also provides the possibility of establishing a pool of hours. Within this contract, the customer can define smaller work packages in short term, which are evaluated jointly. The required time is then withdrawn from the hour pool.

An example for the processing of individual work packages is the handling of specified software packages. The customer together with Silver Atena specifies the work package well in advance. Based on the customer agreement, Silver Atena is responsible for the offer management (software specifications), the implementation (design, coding) or the qualification (software/software integration) of the defined software packages. Unless specified otherwise, the customer has complete control over the overriding requirements management (contract specifications and definition of the required hardware and software interfaces) and the system integration (hardware/software and system integration).

In addition to providing the complete turnkey development as well as individual work packages, SILVER ATENA also supports customers directly on-site with highly-qualified staff. Especially thanks to the staff rotation between in-house projects and projects on-site with the customer, the employees profit from continued further qualification and a strong development of the different work views. 

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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.