Universal Avionics Platform Computer

The Silver Atena Universal-APC is a high-performance computer for the automated control (Flight Control Computer, FCC) of both manned and unmanned small aircraft and rotorcraft.

The large number of different communication interfaces makes it possible to integrate the APC in diverse avionics architectures. The flat mechanical design of the computer allows for an easy and space-saving installation in the aircraft whereas the laterally positioned connectors permit an optimised cable routing.

With its smart monitoring concept, the APC meets highest demands for data integrity and operational reliability. The computer is designed as a fail-silent system in the single-lane operation mode. However, this configuration can easily be extended to a fully-redundant fail-operative system by using two APCs.

Processors of the latest generation provide abundant computational power, allowing to run even computationally intense algorithms effortlessly in real-time. For memory-demanding applications, the APC is equipped with fast external RAM- and Flash memory.

The software application can be easily integrated into the computer hardware, for example by using model-based development and automatic code generation.


  • Developed to meet civil aviation standards RTCA DO-178C (software) and DO-254 (hardware) with safety level DAL B (Development Assurance Level)
  • Developed for environmental conditions according to civil aviation standard RTCA DO-160G
  • According to the customer’s request, the APC can be further optimised with respect to weight, dimensions and costs by reducing interfaces which are not required



  • Universally applicable, especially with demands for high availability or fault tolerance (applications with safety classification or certification standards)
  • Any high-performance and time-critical application with high safety requirements e.g. flight control (FCC), auto-pilot, auto-throttle, mission control and flight management, etc.
  • Especially developed for aircraft (CS-23 , CS-LSA and CS-VLA) and rotorcraft (CS-27, CS-29 and CS-VLR) as well as UAVs, OPVs and RPAS respectively

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