CleanEnergy ECU

Silver Atena was commissioned to develop a series control unit that is supposed to control and monitor refuelling and hydrogen supply to the engine of the hydrogen-operated BMW 7 Series. Another requirement demanded by the BMW Group is that common safety standards (SIL3 [A-SIL D] according to IEC 61508) shall be met. This corresponds to the highest requirements class in the automotive industry.


The fuel tank control unit is supposed to control and monitor the following processes: refuelling, hydrogen supply to the engine, energy management of the on-board network, essential safety functions such as gas warning or boil-off function and reacting to malfunctions including an automatic emergency cal.


Customers benefit from a comprehensive development approach. It embraces all development stages from system design through prototyping. In software engineering, including software development, SILVER ATENA is a leading partner in auto code generation for all existing safety standards and criticality levels (SIL3 /ASIL D from Matlab/Simulink), including expedient software development processes, provision of seamless test and simulation systems as well as systems integration and qualification services and support services during the initial phases of series production.

  • Tank pressure control, LH2 tank
  • H2 gas concentration monitoring / warning
  • Monitoring of critical tank parameters and response to threshold values
  • Communication with engine control
  • Monitoring of the LH2 refuelling process
  • Driver information on system status
  • Communication with service centre
  • Series production
  • A hydrogen-operated series car in everyday life situations


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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.