Silver Atena's Communication Gateway enables arbitrary signal routing via existing communication interfaces. The messages on the communication interfaces are not only monitored, but can also be manipulated intentionally.

The gateway reads analog and digital signals and directs them as data to any communication interface.

In case of errors, e.g. corrupt or missing messages and signals, but also when driver intervention occures, pre-defined reactions are triggered. The parameterisation is performed via XCP protocol.

  • Routing of messaged via any existing communication interface
  • Monitoring of signals and messages at communicaation interfaces and digital in-/outputs
  • Manipulation of signals and messages at communication interfaces
  • Reaction to specific signals and messages ar communication interfaces per digital_out or other interfaces
  • Reading and forwarding of analog/digital  signals to any communication interface
  • Reaction to errors e.g. missing, corrupt messages or signals out of range
  • Reaction to driver interaction
  • Parameterisation via XCP
  • Update capable over the air
  • Security: firewall/RT Linux
  • Interface between ADAS and central vehicle gateway
  • Communication gateway for external access to the vehicle

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