Comfort features in two-wheeled vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Silver Atena has developed a prototype control unit for controlling motorbike shock absorbers electronically.

The system allows for the adjustment of the dynamic driving characteristics of the motorbike in terms of hardness and vibration damping based on load situation, road conditions and driver preferences.


The ECU controls several stepper motors and DC motors at the same time. The system measures the respective IS position of the suspension strut with hall sensors and analyzes the information. Integrated monitoring and diagnosing functions provide the highest level of functional safety by positioning the still intact suspension strut into a defined, uncritical position.


SILVER ATENA was in charge of the entire engineering process for the development of this prototype, starting with the specifications of the system and the ECU on to the hardware and software development, the system and integration tests up to the integration of the application. Moreover, for the subsequent production phase, SILVER ATENA took care of the system specification, supplier selection, monitoring and integration. The customer profits from competent consulting and development from a single source.

  • Electronic shock absorber control
  • Positioning of DC motors / stepper motors
  • Meeasurement of sensor signals (position sensing via Hall effect sensor)
  • Communication via CAN-Bus
  • Electronic shock absorber control
  • Handling / control of max. two suspension struts with two stepper motors each and one DC motor
  • Positioning / control of stepper motors
  • Positioning / control of a DC motor, e.g. to adjust the spring rate / spring pre-load of a suspension strut



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