ARINC 812 Network Analyser

The ARINC 812 standard introduces a new communication technology to galley related electronic devices. The ARINC 812 Network Analyser is easy-to-use and supports the insert manufacturer through the whole life cycle of galley equipment.

The software is built on an extensible application architecture which keeps the software open for individual customer requirements. The subsequently listed functions are foreseen and can be incorporated on request:

  • Define procedures for commissioning tests
  • Pre-compilation of transmission message sequences for more automated testing
  • Pre-definition of incoming message sequences for more automated test analysis
  • Pre-defined GAIN type repository
  • Snap-shot function for parameter setting
  • Replay function for pre-recorded message traces
  • Test device behaviour by sending manipulated non-standard-conform messages


Basically the tool can take the role of the controller hardware as well as any other type of galley device. Using a standard CAN Bus interface the tool is able to transmit and receive messages defined within ARINC 812 standard. Messages can be either displayed decimal, hexadecimal or in plain text format. The export function provides an interface to third party tools that can e.g. be used for automated message trace analysis or generic test reporting.

User defined automatic reply on incoming messages and automatic transmission of cyclic messages support an efficient functional validation of ARINC 812 devices. The intuitive graphical user interface does not require any user training.

  • Live monitoring of bus traffic
  • Compilation and transmission of ARINC 812 messages via graphical user interface
  • Compilation of ARINC 812 messages in plain text
  • Manual and automatic transmission of ARINC 812 messages
  • Logging of CAN Bus traffic (messages, errors, bus load) of CAN interfaces
  • Export of message traces in common formats like plain text or CSV
  • Decoding of logged messages into plain text
  • Predefined reply on incoming messages
  • Graphical display of ARINC 812 Galley Insert behaviour (power curve, state curve)

The ARINC 812 Network Analyser is designed to support development, integration and maintenance of ARINC 812 enabled galley equipment. The tool is designed to support manufacturers, integrators, airlines or maintenance service suppliers.

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