WSN Application Software

The Wireless Sensor Network Application System (WNS) is an ideal platform for wireless test applications.

It  provides hardware and application software. It allows a quick setup, easy central configuration, commissioning and the flexible operation of the wireless test environment.

An efficient alternative to the existing cabled test solutions. The wireless connection of sensors requires less effort for the integration and implementation and provides maximum flexibility for testing and a complete reuse of the test equipment.

The system is easy to operate and can be extended according to customer requirements. The advantages include considerable savings in time, effort and material for the most diverse testing and operation monitoring scenarios.

The application software enables the simple and complete monitoring and control of the wireless test environment:

  • Tree view and 2D graphical view of the deployed wireless sensor nodes
  • Sensor data monitoring and configurations (e.g. temperature limits, transmission rate, F/°C)
  • Logging data such as time, events and warning messages
  • Wireless Sensor Network status, e.g. about connected sensor nodes and wireless access node
  • Numeric view of each sensor’s battery status, remaining lifetime, radio signal strength and table with sensor measurement data
  • Sensor network configuration and measurement data report with data export in MS Excel (or CVS) and graphical format

In testing scenarios with widely spread sensors or sensors in locations which are difficult to access, setting up cabled solutions proves quite difficult. Using our wireless test solution to implement a sensor network is much easier and more cost-efficient. No wiring and crimping is required.

Typical application areas:

  • Status monitoring of physical measures (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  • Monitoring of system and structural properties (e.g. engine status, structural damages)

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