CWT Parser

Silver Atena developed a static code analysis tool (CWT parser) as an eclipse plug-in and based on our own programming standard. With very little effort, the CWT parser can now be adapted to a custom-specific programming standard.

The CWT parser has been developed as an eclipse plug-in.


  • Simple extension by adding additional customer-specific rule sets
  • Easy handling of the CWT parser during source code development and hence the resulting improved quality
  • Supports formal source code reviews, which are required for the development of safety-relevant software to the standards of DO-178B or ISO26262
  • Review of the customer-specific naming convention
  • Errors are displayed as markers directly in the editing window and in the "Problem View"
  • Basic settings are available via the properties window of Eclipse
  • Specific configuration of the rules through a configuration file, e.g. each rule can be enabled or disabled individually
  • Results can be stored to XML or Excel, as required
  • Static code analysis of source code

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