Model Checker

The model checker tests the compliance of a Simulink model with another modeling standard. Silver Atena has defined its own modeling standard, which has been optimized for the high requirements of safety-relevant applications. Moreover, the tool can be used for and adapted to customer-specific modeling standards.

The model checker analyzes the Simulink model and produces a list of detailed findings displaying the places that do not comply with the standard.


Compliance with the modeling standard is required based on DO-178B or ISO 26262 and can be checked automatically with the tool.

  • Review of the conformity of a Simulink model against a modeling standard
  • Detailed list of findings (areas where conformity is not met)
  • Optional qualification according to DO-178B respectively ISO 26262

The model checker can be applied every time code is generated from Simulink models. The tool is especially applicable when the development standards require it, such as DO-178B or ISO 26262.


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