Aircraft engine controller family (FADEC)

Silver Atena's aircraft engine control unit family (FADEC) controls aircraft engines for general aviation. The redundant electronics monitor and control over 115 inputs and outputs (I/Os). The FADEC offers comprehensive engine monitoring and detects electrical and mechanical failures of the engine control system. The diagnostic capabilities which include lifetime monitoring and an intelligent fault management enable operation of the engine at the highest safety level. Performance and consumption optimisation as well as single lever power control are already implemented in the FADEC.

The development was carried out compliant to the civil aviation standards RTCA DO-178B and DO-254. The FADEC is also certified for environmental conditions according to civil aviation standard RTCA DO-160G. The engine control is suitable for aircrafts certified according to EASA CS-23/FAR 23 as well as rotorcrafts certified according to EASA CS-27 and EASA CS-29.

Silver Atena aims to continuously expand its FADEC-Portfolio in the coming years.


Sample Project

The Silver Atena V12 Diesel FADEC currently controls a newly developed V12 common rail diesel internal combustion engine.

Within only six months Silver Atena developed an A-sample. At the same time a HIL test system was configured, which allowed intensive testing of the FADEC at an early stage. This enabled us to complete the entire commissioning of the engine within only six weeks.

FADEC control unit family:

  • V12 Diesel ECU FADEC
  • Universal Diesel FADEC
  • 6 Cylinder Diesel ECU FADEC
  • 4 Cylinder Motor ECU FADEC

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