HIL Modular System

Hardware-in-the-loop systems emulate the electrical environmental conditions for reproducible automated function and hardware tests.

The AT-HIL modular system (Hardware-in-the-loop) forms the basis for a smooth installation of functioning HIL test systems, ensuring high flexibility combined with low cost and short lead times.

The Silver Atena test system is built modularly, from the smallest unit, for example the input and output modules (HIL/IN and HIL/OUT) to the 19" rack-based components, such as real-time systems or signal conditioning blocks. Silver Atena thus provides an ideal, cross-sector solution for the entire development process of a complex HIL test system – from analysis and specification through conception to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Based on the HIL back plane with the carrier boards, the system can be adapted to the most diverse modules. In a short time we deliver HIL test systems of varying complexity.

  • Modular architecture
  • High flexibility and adaptability for modifications
  • Standard interfaces to various real-time systems
  • Short lead time from order to delivery
  • Short turnaround times on interface changes
  • Adaptation to various test derivatives
  • High reliability due to the reduced cable loom
  • Automatic self-test and self-calibration
  • Failure injection and break-out for each signal line of the equipment under test
  • Automated and sequential signal feedback loops by means of highly sensitive measuring devices
  • High precision combined with long-term stability
  • HIL Backplane
  • Carrier Board
  • Gateway modules
  • Simulation modules
  • Measuring modules

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