The BSD-RS232-Converter of Silver Atena enables the conversion of a BSD bus (bit-serial data interface) to an RS232 interface and vice versa.

Within a wide voltage range (0-6 V) the configurable BSD Converter offers the transmission of the BSD data to a PC or real-time system via RS232 immediately after the broadcast of the BSD data (in all modes) as well as (in master mode) sending  Write messages and start of Read messages over the single wire.


  • Easy handling
  • Quickly ready for use
  • Integratable with HIL
  • Connection to MATLAB available
  • Adjustable with a DIP switch: master, slave, monitoring or stand-alone mode
  • Input resistance can be alternated continuously
  • The low-level identification threshold can be adapted continuously
  • Transfer BSD data to a PC or real-time system via RS 232 directly after sending the BSD data in all modes
  • Send Write telegrams and start Read telegrams in master mode
  • Complete Read telegrams in slave mode
  • Bicolor LED status
  • Reset function
  • BSD master unit simulation
  • BSD slave unit simulation
  • BSD bus monitoring

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