Silver Atena provides a HIL back plane which offers slots for 14 carrier boards of the type ATHIL-CB 4006.

The product is designed to be installed in a 19’’ 3HE rack and, together with the mounted carrier board, forms the basis for the AT-HIL modular system of Silver Atena.
The modular setup offers an ideal solution for the quick, efficient and flexible setup of HIL test systems of varying complexity.

Separate connectors to the real-time system, the unit under test , and, if necessary, to real loads, support the use of modular harnesses and minimize the cabling effort required for setting up HILs.

  • Slots for 14 carrier boards
  • Separate connectors for HIL/IN and HIL/OUT signals
  • Two separate connectors for the real-time system signals
  • Integration into a 19’’ 3HE rack

Back plane for the carrier boards in SILVER ATENA HIL test systems.

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