HIL Modular System: Simulation

Silver Atena offers various modules for simulating the most diverse sensors and actuators. The modules are controlled with analog or digital signals by the processing computer. Silver Atena offers various modules for simulating new sensor and actuator types by piggy packing the modules onto the carrier boards. The simulation system can therefore be produced by Silver Atena with little development effort and hence cost effectively.

The following simulation modules are available:

  • Constant Current Source 2021
  • Constant Current Source 2023
  • Load Switch
  • Load/Short-circuit Switch
  • LVDT and Resolver Simulator
  • Measuring Bridge
  • Proximeter Simulator
  • Resolver Simulator
  • Signal Generator
  • Square Wave Signal Generator
  • Voltage Source
  • Resistance Simulator 2001
  • Resistance Simulator 2003

Note: These modules have been developed for the Silver Atena HiL System and cannot operate as stand-alone units.

Datasheet package Simulation Modules (zip file = 13 pdf files;  1,3 MB)

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