Fadec Test Interface Unit (FTIU)

The FADEC Test Interface Unit (FTIU) controls and monitors the testing of an engine. The system represents an aircraft model and incorporates the entire simulation of all the necessary interfaces of an aircraft to the engine.

The FTIU provides a complete simulation of the driving lever as well as special functions for engine maintenance. A real-time computer and several interface boards (AFDX Board, ARINC429 Board, D/a and A/D Board, digital-I/O Board, Board of the digital waveform) are used to control the desired interfaces.

Extensive control options for signal processing and manipulation are available for testing. A combination of switch panel and integrated touch screen serves as a control unit.

The throttle is simulated completely for automated tests. In this case, the real power lever is monitored for actuation in order to allow the test personnel to take control in case of a failure.

  • Full driving lever simulation in HW and SW for flexible auto-throttle functionality
  • Modular construction in HW and SW
  • Open HW and SW interfaces
  • High quality control unit
  • Extensive log files for self-analysis
  • Complete remote support with maintenance interface
  • Use of COTS components
  • Provision of all interfaces for engine ignition
  • Simulation of different load situations at the push of a button (take-off, low-noise cruise, engine failure) with simultaneous control of the water brake
  • Simulation of environmental conditions such as air data (i.e. air pressure, temperature), aircraft on the ground, etc.
  • Provision of special functions for engine maintenance
  • Engine testing

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