Hardware Functional Test System (HWFT)

The configurable and expandable Hardware Functional Test System (HWFT) enables cost-efficient testing of complex control units. The generic system facilitates the automatic commissioning of electronic control units for aircraft engines.

Using the HWFT, it is possible to carry out hardware qualification and automated hardware acceptance during the production of control units with several hundred I/Os. These safety-relevant control units are for instance developed and produced for aircraft engine control and monitoring.

Thanks to the field-proven Silver Atena modular design for test systems, clients profit from the extremely short delivery times and an ideal cost-benefit ratio, since the possible reuse of the test systems for new projects with changed testing requirements safeguards the long-term security of the investment. The reliability of each individual module in the HWFT makes the entire system very robust and ensures extremely high longevity. The modular build of the equipment facilitates a flexible test setup, reusability and efficient test automation. Thanks to the wide range of programmable interfaces, the HWFT provides maximum flexibility and can be configured for the most diverse test tasks.

  • Several hundred I/Os (analog, digital, performance, frequency)
  • Modular test design
  • Reusability
  • Efficient test automation
  • High accuracy and long-term stability
  • Analog/digital device under test signal input with read-back capabilities
  • Bus connection via an application dependent breakout box
  • Hardware qualification
  • Automated hardware acceptance
  • Serial acceptance
  • Versatile test tasks

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