Aircraft Engine Control Unit HIL

Silver Atena has developed several HIL test systems for the development, implementation and commissioning of an aircraft engine control unit. The systems simulate and measure all required interfaces and can operate aircraft engine control units (ECU) without real components.

In order to enable an efficient development of the engine control unit, the HIL systems were developed parallel to the ECU in tight cooperation with the development team. The aim was to create a test platform which supports and can be used by all teams involved in the ECU development (software development, hardware development, environmental qualification and production). To ensure high availability of the test systems, a self test box for the automatic implementation and calibration of the interfaces was created.

Several test systems were built; the hardware, software, verification & validation and production teams use them for the most diverse implementation tasks and testing purposes. This process helped to speed up the execution of the tasks to an extent that the teams were able to comply with the tight schedule of the ECU development. Once the development phase has been completed, the test systems can be reused for burn-in and commissioning tests.

  • Triple test system for aircraft engine ECU
  • Robust and flexible assembly due to SILVER ATENA's modular system
  • Efficient commissioning and acceptance
  • Development platform for SILVER ATENA's test automation
  • Self test box for automated test system commissioning and calibration
  • ECU HW commissioning- and acceptance tests
  • ECU SW commisssioning- and acceptance tests
  • ECU system integration tests (requires closed loop simulation with a realistic combustion engine model)
  • ECU HW qualification tests (DO-160)
  • ECU HW assembly tests and EOL (End of Line) test
  • Fault simulation for I/Os und buses (short-circuit, line break, etc.)
  • Automated acceptance test according to  aviation standards for the ECU
  • Platform for the development of test automation solutions

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