Test System for Ventricular Assist Device

The test bench is used for software verification tests of a control unit in medical technology. The test bench simulates all interfaces of the control unit. Therefore, all interfaces can be accessed, controlled or read out through the test bench. No real components are required for the operation of the safety-critical system.

A compact test bench was developed. Thanks to the modular real-time processor of the test bench, various busses can be used to access the control unit or the diverse interfaces for control and read-out. The modular design of the Silver Atena HIL system was used for signal conditioning and monitoring.

Despite its compactness, the test bench leaves room for expansion. Thanks to the Silver Atena test automation, users can carry out automatic as well as semi-automatic tests after a very short training phase.


The test bench was built from modular components in a very short time. The long-term stable test bench enables actuation of the control unit, random injection of hardware and software errors and automatic analysis of the test procedures (passed/failed). Thanks to the SILVER ATENA test automation, the pre-defined tests can be repeated again and again thus allowing for a quick reproduction of faulty behaviour.

  • Customised solutions
  • Use for other control units with compatible interfaces and control units with similar applications
  • Compact, long-term stable, modular test bench for safety relevant control units
  • Expandability for additional I/Os given
  • Reproduceable test procedures
  • Automatic and semi-automatic tests (user interaction) with Silver Atena test automation
  • Control / read-back of the control unit via CAN, analog I/O, digital I/O and USB
  • Control unit SW verification tests for medical applications
  • Use of the test bench for other control units with similar applications
  • Execution of automatic and semi-automatic tests using the SILVER ATENA test automation
  • Test equipment for safety relevant systems

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