High-voltage control unit HIL

Test system developed for the commissioning of a high-voltage battery control unit for electric motorcycles. The system simulates all interfaces that are required to test the control unit with regards to function and security without the presence of motorcycle and battery.

Based on customer requirements and built on the modular design of the Silver Atena HIL test system, a 19" test system for carrying out the requested control unit tests was developed. A special challenge was meeting the safety standards of high-voltage battery systems.


The HIL system was completed ahead of schedule. Hence, all tests on the control units could be carried out in good time.

This enabled the customer to succeed in his aim – namely to have electric motorcycles ready for presentation in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

(see also german article)

  • Test system for battery control unit with housing of the test unit in two 19-inch switch cabinets
  • Automated tests and acceptances
  • Proven construction with SILVER ATENA modular system
  • Load tests
  • Error simulation
  • Commissioning of control unit hardware and software
  • Automated tests
  • Automated acceptance

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