Power electronics modular system for maximum efficiency

We develop customised 48-volt and high-voltage control units in accordance with your requirements.

To minimise development times, development risk and ensure high quality, we have developed a modular system that is based on an extensive library of modules.

The library contains all relevant development data for each individual module, such as requirements, design, circuit diagram, layout, BOM, test setup, test procedures and reports. This provides us with verified, ready-developed and field-tested sub-circuits for computer architectures, power electronics assemblies, measuring circuits, interfaces with corresponding software functions and more. From these tailor-made, customised devices can be created with very short lead times.

Control units to electrify vehicle systems

Our power electronics modular system covers a wide range of control units relevant for the electrification of vehicle systems.

We undertake the series development over all prototype phases and assume responsibility as a small-batch supplier. From circuit and software development to hardware construction, qualification and production, we offer you the complete, development and supply of a customised series device that is fully qualified from a single source. We work together with semiconductor manufacturers, system and engine suppliers to deliver optimally configured and cost-effective solutions.

Device development and delivery from one source

Planning and project management

  • Development compliant with ISO 26262


  • Concepts
  • Specification, architecture and design
  • Control system, safety hardware, software, mechanics
  • Accompanying analyses (electrical, thermal, mechanical, safety, simulation)

Verification and qualification

On-site integration support for the customer

Production (with production partners)

  • Quick creation of prototypes
  • Delivery of small batches

Commissioning and supervision of series production

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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.