ECUs for High-Speed Engines

For fast-rotating electric motors (> 100,000 rpm), such as those used in modern vehicles such as pumps or turbo-compressors, Silver Atena develops inverter control units based on its power electronics module. Completely validated hardware and software components enable a timely realization of prototypes up to serial devices.

Silver Atena offers different control concepts and adapted system designs for optimum tuning of the inverter control to the motor type and operating conditions. Sophisticated hardware architectures ranging from B6 bridges to multilevel converters based on silicon or silicon carbide semiconductors, designed for voltages from 12 V to 800 V, ensure maximum efficiency.

In addition to metrological monitoring of, for example, speed and rotor position (also sensorless), current, voltage, temperature, etc., features such as HV interlock, active discharge and protection mechanisms for overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage or overheating ensure safety for material and people.

For the integration into vehicle electrical systems and the applicable requirements for the behavior as a load or generator, the necessary technical measures are adapted to the specific application in order to comply with the obfuscation limit values ​​over the entire operating range.

At speeds up to 150,000 rpm, the use of air bearings offers the greatest possible avoidance of friction losses. For a fast build-up of the required air film, a corresponding control with high starting current is necessary (speed build-up: 0 ... nmax in <1 s). The air film is later self-retaining and remains independent of regulation.

It is developed according to general development standards for safety-relevant applications, requirement-based with corresponding ASIL classifications.

  • Pump
  • Turbo compressor

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