The power electronics control unit (POWER ECU) serves as an intelligent control of an electric drive in the motor and alternator operation. The energy for the motor operation is retrieved from an external high-voltage battery, which is re-charged by the energy produced from the alternator operation.

The POWER ECU has been designed for electric motors with 2 times 3 phases. Thanks to an intelligent activation of the phases, the design favours a reduction of the voltage ripple in the high-voltage battery and so increases the life span of the high-voltage battery.

The intelligent construction of the POWER ECU ensures optimised cooling and weight by using materials such as aluminium for the cooling system and load-bearing parts as well as carbon for the casing.


With an efficiency of up to 95%, the POWER ECU is extremely economical. The incidental power dissipation can be dissipated with hot motor oil up to 90° C.

Thanks to its unique design, the POWER ECU can be optimised specifically to the unique requirements of each customer.

  • Low weight < 3 kg
  • High performance 60 kW
  • High power density 20 W/g
  • Cooling can be integrated into existing cooling systems
  • Small installation space < 2,5 litres
  • Security: Conforming to EN61010 standards

The control unit POWER ECU, which was developed for motor sports, is very small, light and robust. Therefore is also ideally suited for hybrid drives in series-production vehicles. The POWER ECU does not only cover the desires and requirements of vehicle construction but is also applicable for the challenging applications in aerospace, e.g. for activating the starter generator in aero engines or for controlling the flight control actuators.


  • Starter generator for aero engines
  • Flight control actuators


  • Hybrid drives
  • Motor sports (KERS)

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