Resolver Simulator

The Resolver Simulator  has the task to perform the signal conditioning for a 2-pole resolver device (rotation angle measurement of electrical driven engine).

The resolver has to be operated by an external simulation software (LabVIEW program) on a PC. The simulator is connected  to the PC via USB.

With the Resolver Simulator  you can setup the revolutions, the amplitude of the resolver output signals, phase error, a static resolver position (revolution = 0) or a failures injection.

The failure injection is controlled automatically by the failure injection unit (FIU) or manual by using breakout box (jack board on front panel). The FIU is the activation of the different relays, in order to simulate failures like line break and short circuit.

The Resolver Simulator  can handle up to 14 resolvers per 19” rig separately.

  • Simulate a resolver by multiplying a COS and SIN on an inducing frequency (depending on the simulated revolution)
  • Up to 14 resolver per 19” rig

  • Multiplication controlled via USB by LabVIEW software

  • Only one external 12V power supply needed (a internal module convert to +-15V/1W)

  • Failure injection test for short circuit and line break for all channels and each in- and out-put

  • Automatic failure injection switches controlled by LabVIEW software

  • Manual failure injection by jack board on front panel

  • Simulation of resolver signals and failure injection

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