Steering Test Bench with Dual Force Administration

Silver Atena offers various steering test benches: The standard version administers forces on one side of the rack. The extended version offers force administration from both sides of the rack. The system excels thanks to the high dynamics and its regulation behaviour. For high mechanical loads, up to the point of destroying the test unit, the system offers linear motors with rack forces up to 60 kN. The linear actuators can be equipped with water-cooling and have been specifically designed by Silver Atena for this purpose.

With our test benches customers can perform various test tasks like load deflexion curve, damping behaviour, mechanical endurance tests or testing and approval of safety-relevant functions.

The individual steering robot and the test bench construction will be configured according to customer requirements. Example for a test bench with double sided force administration:

  • High dynamic test bench, double sided translatory force administration

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