Powerpack - Electrical Simulation

This Steering Test Bench provides a complete electrical simulation. It is designed without steering mechanics hence it has an extremly small form factor.


The individual steering robot and the test bench construction will be configured according to customer requirements. The product can be integrated into the vehicle HIL via a FlexRay or a CAN connection. The scope of the vehicle simulation can be realized based on the HIL modular system AT-HIL from Silver Atena. This test automation solution offers a resource-saving and sensible addition to the verification and system release process. What is more, the entire steering system development process is accelerated independent of road tests.


The test rack provides a realistic simulation of authentic situations from vehicle operation. The application area includes endurance tests, carrying out virtual test drives, as well as formal acceptance tests for the functional security.

  • Economic test bench
  • Small form factor
  • Commissioning of prototypes
  • Design of the servo system control
  • Testing and approval of safety-relevant functions
  • Automated system acceptance tests
  • Automated software acceptance tests

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