Test Benches

Silver Atena develops Test Benches and Test Systems to meet the full range of different test requirements. With this modular concept our customers benefit from short lead times and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

High reliability of each single module leads to an extremely robust system with long-term availability of the test system. Besides standard interfaces to various real-time systems the test benches are equipped with a variety of programmable interfaces.

Once delivered, a system can be configured for a variety of test tasks and even modified to fulfil subsequent requirements.

Examples of Silver Atena Test Benches:

  • Steering Test Benches
  • Multipole/Sensor Test Bench
  • HIL Test System
  • E-Motor Simulator
  • Board Voltage Simlulation
  • E-Mechanic Test System
  • FADEC Test Systeme for Engine Control Units
  • Test System for medical products
  • Damper Test Bench

We implement an emulation of all electrical characteristics of controlled loads, e.g.:

  • Electrical motor
  • Actuators/Sensors of aircraft engines
  • Actuators/Sensors of avionic systems
  • Simulation of environmental conditions eg. force administration to steering systems

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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.