Shock Absorber Test System

Silver Atena has developed a shock absorber test system for the dynamic actuation of electrically controlled engine mounts.

The test bench allows the dynamic loading of electrically controlled engine mounts from two levels. During this process, the mount is actuated separately both with a roadside frequency and an engine-side frequency.

The shaker test bench is suitable for use in all areas where a high degree of running smoothness is called for and is realized with a demanding design of engine damping. In its actual use, the engine mounts find application in the hybrid vehicles of high-end cars, since the connection to the combustion engine should run as smoothly as possible.


Test bench to dynamically stimulate electrically controlled engine mounts.

  • Highly dynamic through inertial shaker
  • Independent frequency inout (chassis/engine)
  • Acceleration measurement of the device under test
  • Freely adjustable engine mount loads
  • Electric fault simulation on the control unit
  • Test systems for right/left mounts combinable
  • Device under test fully climatisable
  • Compact design

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