Aircraft Power Supply Simulation

In order to be able to consider the on-board system used in aircrafts for HIL test systems, Silver Atena provides an assembly unit for the simulation of 115/230 V 400Hz AC voltage networks. Programmable parameters enable the simulation of other environment variables, such as for example an engine generator (up to 3.6 kHz).

The source can be supplied with a load of up to 15 A per phase. The electric data (voltage, current, frequency, number of phases) can be modified based on user-defined requirements.

  • 19'' standard rack with 4 HE, depth 966mm
  • Digital signal processor DSP
  • Galvanically separated AC outputs
  • Controllable and switchable signal output
  • Simulates power failures of variable length
  • Fluctuates amplitude and frequencies in real time
  • HIL test systems in aerospace
  • Test systems for HW validation
  • Simulation of aircraft on-board voltage
  • Simulation of AC voltage generators

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