Electromagnetic Compatibility

Silver Atena offers qualification services and organizes the entire qualification in it’s own laboratories. A modern 24 sqm EMC chamber offers plenty of space to perform extensive qualification tests with electronic devices and thus extends the range of offered qualification services.

We test in accordance with all common automotive and aviation industry standards as well as customer-specific standards. Customers benefit from many years of experience in the development of control units and test equipment as well as an extensive knowledge of all relevant standards of the aviation and automotive industry.

Experienced members of staff assist during development by deriving the environmental requirements for the specific device from the qualification standards and support specification, architecture and design. If problems occur or ones that may arise are identified in advance changes to the mechanical or electrical design (e.g. filter design) are proposed and implemented immediately.

  • Development & verification of EMC concepts
  • Analysis, studies and elimination of EMC problems
  • Planning, preparation and implementation of EMC test campaigns in accordance with customer- and industry-specific standards
  • EMC testing in our own laboratory
    - Conducted susceptibility testing
    - Conducted emission testing
    - Radiated emission testing up to 1 GHz
  • Testhouse management for
    - Radiated susceptibility testing  
    - Emission testing > 1 GHz
    - Lightning
  • EMC-compliant design
  • Interference suppression
  • Pre-compliance measurement
  • Implementation of training/courses

Silver Atena offers completeproduct qualifications or single tests

  • Planning and development of test concepts
  • Conception, setup and provision of test systems (HIL, load units, test benches)
  • Test implementation and analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Qualification and documentation
  • Coordination with regulatory authorities
  • EMC (Application of interferences and measurement of emissions)
  • Power Input, wiring systems, lightning
  • Test benches (HIL, E-mechanics)
  • Development of individual software for the device under test
  • Environmental simulation (temperature, air humidity, air pressure, corrosive media)
  • Vibration and shock
  • Mechanical analyses (vibration, modal analysis, mass properties)
  • Magnetic field studies
  • Acoustics
  • Service life

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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.