The following references showcase a number of focal points that form part of the extensive portfolio of Silver Atena.

  • Simulation Modeling for Fuel Cell APU Cooling Centre and Environmental Control System (ECS)
    For future replacement of common APU turbines, Silver Atena is developing a simulation model and a system for the heat extraction (Cooling Centre) of a Fuel Cell APU application. Hereby, Silver Atena’s engagement reaches from the analysis of Fuel Cell technology requirements up to the simulation model of the relevant Cooling Centre. Furthermore, a functional simulation model is being developed for the Environmental Control System (ECS) consisting of a hybrid air- & vapour- cycle air-conditioning system.
  • A330, A340 & A380 Airline Network Architecture (ALNA)
    Silver Atena is involved in the cabin communication network development for the Airbus A380 and A330/A340 Long Range fleet. The Airline Network Architecture (ALNA) is a new development of the cabin communication platform for new Airbus Long Range and A380 aircrafts, enabling passengers and crew with the following main features:
    - Wireless and wired communication on A/C and via Satellite to ground
    - Communication between various Systems within the A/C
    - E-mail, GSM, Web-chat and Telemedicine
  • A380 & A350XWB Secondary Power Distribution System (SPDB)
    Silver Atena is deeply involved in the development of the cabin power distribution system for the Airbus A380 and A350XWB. The SPDBs supply electrical loads with 115VAC and 28VDC in the cabin and cargo area and protect the wiring between the SPDB and the supplied equipment. Furthermore, this new technology provides state-of-the-art maintenance and power management functions, enabling the crew and maintenance personal much more possibilities than on any other Airbus aircraft before.
  • Development of a Fuel Tank Control Unit suitable for Production
    Silver Atena is one of the first automotive suppliers to develop auto code generation for SIL3 software and to use this software in safety-relevant applications. Auto code generators reduce software error rates, maximise quality and reduce costs by lowering the manual development effort significantly.
    Making liquid hydrogen fit for everyday use provides a major challenge. Silver Atena’s CleanEnergy control unit meets the safety requirements necessary for this purpose. We are pleased to be contributing to the implementation of this leading-edge project.
  • Test Bench for Steering Systems
    The steering test bench developed by Silver Atena allows the testing of electric steering systems. The steering system can be impinged by the test bench with mechanical loads for a realistic simulation of authentic situations from vehicle operation. Thanks to the high dynamics and optional axle kinematics with a variable geometry, the application area includes endurance tests, carrying out virtual test drives, as well as formal acceptance tests.
    Contrary to the test benches traditionally offered on the market, which generate a hydraulic load on the steering system, Silver Atena uses a linear motor for simulating the rack forces. This achieves distinctly increased positioning accuracies as well as significantly higher dynamics. Moreover, the maintenance expenditure is reduced markedly, since the system goes without hydraulic components.
  • Development of Commercial Vehicles ECU
    Silver Atena is a strong partner of the ECU development for central control devices for commercial vehicles for example instrument, central electric system, servicing system und central variation coding. The experiences refer to the development of functional and system specification and their change management, test specification, error management, as well as the support of the project management.
  • Test Bench for Instrument Clusters
    The test bench for instrument clusters, which was developed by Silver Atena enables the customer to realise a simulation for a practical application for commercial vehicle instrument clusters. The test bench simulates 4 CAN-bus systems, one K-Line, 42 digital signals, 5 analogue signals and 3 digital displays to allow a faultless operation of the instrument clusters. For a comparison of versions there is a possibility to operate two instrument clusters parallel with identical connectors. With a simulation of the remaining bus activities in CANoe, all available control units like in a real commercial vehicle can be simulated for function and diagnostic tests. Via external interfaces real control systems can be connected (e.g. tachometer, radio). 

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