Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)

From system architecture to virtual integration

Silver Atena has comprehensive experience in the development of safety relevant systems throughout the entire development cycle. To handle the increasing complexity of system design a closed model-based and requirement-based development process has been established. Taking into account different key aspects, adapted sub-processes are used, for example physical modeling and system optimisation or model-based specification and virtual integration.

The multi-domain development for future applications is based on a highly traceable design validation and product verification. To ensure consistent integration of new technologies an aligned process between different domains such as system, software, hardware and test is applied. This aids identification of possible design errors early in the development process and therefore is an essential mean of quality improvement.

Silver Atena offers customised solutions that comply with the relevant industrial development standards, e.g. ARP 4754, DO-178, IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or EN 50128 up to the highest safety integrity level.

Consistent project and quality management

  • Capability of managing complex projects
  • Extended supplier management
  • Independent quality assurance

Synergies through

  • References in several industries, e.g. Aerospace, Automotive, Aero Engines
  • Experience in developing complete systems, hardware and software
  • Product development, e.g. HiL test systems, virtual integration benches, control units

SILVER ATENA realises complete model-based systems engineering projects from the first architecture studies up to the virtual integration.

  • Customised model-based development process
  • Definition of the optimised tool-chain
  • Modular model libraries
  • Architecture studies and system optimisation
  • Interface to SW/HW development process
  • Model-based specification
  • Automated document generation
  • Tool based test case generation
  • Virtual integration
  • Test automation

SILVER ATENA is an approved partner for the development of safety relevant systems specialised in the following domains:

  • Air Systems
  • Thermal Management
  • Electronic Cooling
  • Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Systems
  • Electrical Drives
  • Turbo Engines
  • Power Electronics
  • Cabin Electronics
  • Avionics
  • Data Management Systems

Aligned model-based system and software development process

  • Optimised system design
  • Full requirements traceability
  • High quality of system- and test specification
  • Validated tool-chain
  • Reuse of test cases in MiL, SiL and HiL
  • Virtual integration
  • Early product and design validation & verification
  • Reduced development costs
  • Faster time-to-market

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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.