Electric and Autonomous Flying

Urban mobility, that means all mobility items in urban areas from pedestrians to mass transit solutions, is changing dramatically. The future lies in new concepts like ride sharing, autonomous driving or air taxi.

Silver Atena is the system supplier for all electronic components in the field of Urban Air Mobility. The company have become very popular as a systems supplier to the aerospace industry for decades and is intensively involved with the new technical challenges of vertical take-off (light) electric aircraft. The current portfolio offers certifiable technical solutions in main areas of electric and autonomous flying to customers within the aviation industry: electric drives and actuators, power supply and distribution including battery management, avionic computing platforms for flight control and route planning or control units for innovative propulsion systems.


  • Inverters for E-Motor control in different applications (E-Fan, actuators, compressor, …)
  • High Voltage operating range up to 500 kW peak / 900 V
  • Electrical speeds up to 3 kHz, power density of 25 kW / l (with housing)
  • Scalable power stages (half / full bridges, B6 bridges)
  • Four-quadrant-operation possible, efficiency of up to 98 %
  • Flexible fitting space, water and air cooling possible
  • Development of complete engine controllers (EECUs / FADECs) for
  • piston, turbo fan / prop / shaft engines, APUs
  • Concept adaptable for fail silent or full fail operational configuration
  • Certifiable product achievable
  • Flight control computer usable for CS-23, VLA, VLR, OPV and UAV applications
  • Concept easily adaptable for fail silent or full fail operational configuration
  • Different bus communications available (ARINC 429, ARINC 825 (CAN-AERO), RS 422, …)
  • Utilisation for auto pilot FLIGHT CONTROL / and auto throttle functions
  • DC/DC and AC/DC converters for powerdistribution and battery management applications
  • Variable HV input up to 900 V and variable power outputs
  • Power density of 20 kW / l (with housing)
  • Power levels of 200 kW achievable, Up- / downsizing possible with SiC modules
  • Multi-phase concept with active phase management (High level of efficiency over the entire operational range > 96 %)
  • Redundancy and scalability via parallel phases in the power path (power output 2,5 — 15 kW scalable)
  • Flexible fitting space, water and air cooling possible

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We offer comprehensive solutions as development partner and supplier for prototypes and small series in the area of safety-critical systems and power electronics.