High-end technology: Innovative chassis component from RAPA with highly dynamic control device from Silver Atena is awarded with the Daimler Supplier Award 2018

Silver Atena is significantly supporting the extraordinary comfort of the new SUV trendsetter Mercedes-Benz GLE thanks to its ECU for the electro-hydraulic actuator of the chassis. The interconnected, active hydraulic chassis control on 48-volt basis is combined with the equally newly developed air suspension, resulting in a unique system, thanks to the use of high-performance electronics. The electronic control device from Silver Atena transforms the requirements of the chassis, the vehicle electrical system and the functional safety in a highly dynamic manner. In combination with the other components of the chassis, this allows an extra-ordinary driving comfort.

The control device from Silver Atena regulates the oil pump in the hydraulic damper system from Rausch & Pausch (RAPA), an expert for vents and mechatronical systems based in the Upper Franconian, Germany. The engine-pump-unit, developed by RAPA for the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL of the new Mercedes-Benz GLE, was awarded with the Daimler Special Award for Innovation in February 2019.

How the control unit works

A stereo camera recognizes the characteristics of the road and the central chassis control unit calculates the adjustments to the electro-hydraulic pumps in real time. The hydraulic system then generates dynamic forces, which are overlaid with the forces of the air suspension and actively support and dampen the vehicle structure at each individual wheel, counteracting uneven road surfaces.

The control device from Silver Atena highly dynamically controls the motor speed of the pump. This enables the detection and correction of rolling, pitching and lifting movements in the vehicle.

Exceptional comfort with high agility:

The active chassis is available as a special equipment option for all engines starting from the six-cylinder. The system can also recuperate, meaning energy is fed back into the on-board power system when the suspension is compressed. Another new function is the override mode: For example, if the GLE has become stuck in a sand dune, this can help get the vehicle unstuck again. If possible, this is achieved by automatically raising and lowering the level multiple times, which changes the pressure of the tyres on the ground and improves traction – allowing the GLE to wiggle itself free.

“Unique technology offering best comfort! To my opinion, this chassis offers the best available comfort on the market”, says Josef Mitterhuber, Managing Director at Silver Atena Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH, part of Expleo Group. “We are proud that our control device has given needed dynamic and quality of control to the complete system, consisting of drive, pump and hydraulic chassis, and thus contributes significantly to the driving comfort.”

The control device of Silver Atena is an example of the company’s innovative electronic systems, developed for customers and partners. Looking ahead to the future, Silver Atena is already working on control systems for 400-volt and 800-volt systems, for use in electric vehicles, which makes the company a pioneer in this field.

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