We think ahead.

We want to leave a world worth living in for future generations. As a medium-sized company, we see it as our responsibility to implement the United Nation's 2030 Agenda. 

We are making our contribution to the energy and climate transition, as well as to a decent working environment.




Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire SAQ 5.0 Sustainability rating: 91%

The SAQ 5.0 is a Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire that covers the globally recognized sustainability standards of the automotive industry.
With the SAQ 5.0, an independent assessment carried out by experts of the Supplier Assurance Platform, to ensure that a company'S location meets the standards required by the automotive industry.

The questionnaire covers the following topics:

  • Managing directors
  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Business ethics
  • Environment
  • Responsible supply chain management
  • Responsible sourcing of raw materials

With a sustainability rating of 91% for the Munich and Dachau locations, Silver Atena far exceeds both the industry average (53% at 41 locations) and the rating average for Germany (51% at 1,183 locations).