Human Centric Lighting reduces jet lag – Silver Atena presents the jetlite controller

Silver Atena and the aviation start-up jetlite, pioneer of scientifically-proven solutions to reduce jet lag on long-haul flights, are cooperating to develop an automated control system for optimal cabin lighting. The concept will be presented for the first time at the international trade fair, Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 (April 2–4, 2019). According to Human Centric Lighting standards and up-to-date flight information, the jetlite algorithm calculates the ideal cabin lighting scenarios. This can significantly reduce passengers’ sensation of jet lag.

The jetlite controller, a stand-alone control unit developed by Silver Atena that is operated via the existing cabin management system, is the centrepiece of the cooperation. The optimal cabin lighting scenarios are calculated by the jetlite algorithm, depending on specific flight parameters, such as routes, direction and time zones. The cabin crew can start the automated lighting programme via a user-friendly interface that is installed on the flight attendant panel (FAP).

Silver Atena will realise the jetlite controller in a short time frame by following an efficient development process and established approval procedures, and plans to launch the control device at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2020.

“We are absolutely convinced by the idea of automating the cabin lighting according to Human Centric Lighting standards”, says Josef Mitterhuber, managing director of Silver Atena. “Anyone who flies long-haul knows the feeling of jet lag. The jetlite algorithm in combination with our control unit, which automatically adjusts the cabin lighting, significantly improves passenger well-being while being on-board of the plane, as well as after the flight.”

“Working with Silver Atena allows us to push our product to new dimensions. We do not only reach a full automation of the cabin lighting as well as its standardisation across the entire fleet, but also significantly reduce the workload for the cabin crew”, says Dr. Achim Leder, CEO of jetlite GmbH. “We are looking forward to meeting and talking to many customers at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, which will help to make the jetlite controller become reality even sooner.”

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