Information of the French parent company

Assystem Technologies becomes Expleo. Please note that as a satellite, Silver Atena will not only be an independent legal entity in the future, but will also retain its own brand. More information about the relaunch of the parent company can be found here.


A new breed of technology partner to help businesses successfully deliver innovation

Assystem Technologies and its affiliates relaunch under a new brand. 18 months after taking over the operations of Assystem SA’s Global Product Solutions division, and following a series of acquisitions in 2018 including SQS – an industry leading quality partner for digital business, the organisation becomes Expleo.

To help businesses harness technological change, Expleo offers access to sector-specific expertise and best practice across consultancy and business agility, product design, production and in-service support, as well as continuous quality. This unmatched service portfolio reflects the changing needs of the market where
engineering and software are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Winning the technology race

Technology is changing all legacy business models, across industries and geographies. All companies are becoming technology-enabled businesses. The coming decade will see an unparalleled pace and scope of business transformation driven by technological change, bringing both uncertainty and opportunity.

Olivier Aldrin, CEO of Expleo, stated: “All businesses are in a technology race. They need to transform their operating model by securing access to both leading-edge technologies and deep industry knowledge. We have made a bold move to help our clients win this race by becoming Expleo, a new breed of technology partner that offers end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation. Our new brand reflects our ambition to be the trusted partner that our clients need to rapidly deliver innovation at scale.”

Ambitious growth perspectives

A truly global company with 15,000 people in more than 25 countries, Expleo leverages a complementarity of cultures rooted in strong Franco-German ties. It combines a scalable and cost-effective global delivery model connecting clients with experts locally and from best-shore excellence centres.

Expleo’s ambition is to pursue its growth organically and through acquisitions. The Group plans to further expand its footprint, notably in Germany, North America and India. In India, Expleo aims to quickly double in size, and reach more than 5,000 employees in the next few years.

A new brand capturing the right balance of boldness and reliability

As the Group opens a new chapter in its history, the name Expleo conveys the idea of exploring fresh opportunities and expanding horizons. It expresses a bold and confident vision of the future, a willingness to act innovatively. In Latin, Expleo means “to complete” and “to satisfy”, indicating a job well done and a sense of achievement.

Within the current climate of unrelenting change, businesses need both specialist expertise and creativity that will give them the confidence to take calculated risks. They need trusted and accountable partners by their side. Expleo’s people rise to this challenge, combining flair and rigour, making ingenuity and vigilance work together. This critical balance is captured in the Group’s new name but also in its tagline “Think bold, act reliable”.

The Expleo logo’s graphic motif is called “the Lens”. It symbolises Expleo people’s vision and the contribution they make, embedded within clients’ teams.

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