In the Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ 5.0)
we scored 91% - a convincing result.

Customers and Products

We provide our customers with highly efficient products that we develop and manufacture as climate-neutral as possible. In doing so, we focus on the health and safety of our customers. We aim to leave a livable world for future generations. We contribute to SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption) and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) by collaborating with our customers and partners to act in a climate-friendly and resource-efficient manner.

Our production

We manufacture high-tech electronics for all industries – rapidly available and environmentally friendly. Our serial production covers an area of ​​3,420 square meters, with laboratories occupying 724 square meters. We aim to expand and grow our facilities.

Our new production hall in Karlsfeld near Munich was constructed in 2022 and opened in 2023. It will be equipped with a photovoltaic system, allowing us to generate our own electricity on-site. The proximity of the hall to our main location in Munich helps us avoid long transportation routes and thus reduce CO2 emissions. By 2030, we aim to be carbon-neutral not only internally but throughout our entire supply chain.

We operate our production using 100% green electricity.

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Our products

Our products significantly contribute to climate protection. 85% of our revenue comes from sustainable projects in the fields of electromobility, fuel cells, and wind energy. Electromobility with battery and fuel cell propulsion is one of our core areas. Both battery and fuel cell-powered vehicles enable emission-free propulsion and make a positive contribution to CO2 neutrality. Over the past 15 years, Silver Atena has developed various components for this purpose, including the first serial control unit for the BMW Hydrogen 7 ("Clean Energy") in 2002.

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Our charging station iONiX contributes to the infrastructure of electromobility. The iONiX enables bidirectional charging, meaning charging in two directions. Energy flows into the electric vehicle on one hand and can flow out of the electric vehicle's battery into the house via a smart energy system on the other hand. With the help of the electric vehicle, cheaper electricity purchased from utility companies, for example, during off-peak hours, and surplus electricity from one's own photovoltaic system can be stored. iONiX makes it possible.


Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire

Silver Atena regularly completes the SAQ (Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire), a self-assessment in the automotive (supplier) industry. This questionnaire outlines the guidelines of the automotive industry to improve sustainability.

Silver Atena consistently achieves very good ratings. With a score of 91 percent for the Munich and Dachau sites, we significantly exceed both the industry average (53 percent across 41 sites) and the rating average for Germany (51 percent across 1,183 sites).

Processes and Compliance

Certifications confirm that we implement our processes in accordance with norms and requirements. Our integrated management system combines compliance with governance.


Our Certifications:


DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality management

DIN EN 9100 Quality management in aviation, aerospace, and defense

IATF 16949

DIN EN ISO 14001 Environment management

DIN EN ISO 45001 Work and health management

ASPICE Level 2

TISAX – Information security management

TISAX – Vehicle Cyber Security